Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beach Walks and Sunsets

Since the daylight savings time change, I have been able to take beach walks again. So, for about 3 weeks now, I have been heading out after work, every night, to enjoy this thing called "fresh air" and do things like "exercise". I have managed to climb the 210 steps up the mountain side every night without having a heart attack, so I take this as a sign that the Weight Watchers results (42 pounds down now!) are having the positive effect I demand for the effort I put in!

So tonight I am trudging along the shoreline and notice hundreds of the following things laying around:
Are these jellyfish? Why are they on the shore? Why are there so many? Were they suicidal? Are they lost? And more importantly, are these things still alive??? I don't investigate the answer to that last question...I merely photograph the thing and move on.

Here's a lovely photograph of my footprint in the sand. Yes, I was rather bored, if you must know.
The sun seems rather large in this photograph, doesn't it?
Some lovely Sandpiper Birds awaiting their supper:Here's another shot of the sunset tonight:And one more shot of the sun going down on a long, hard day:

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mom said...

42 lbs! fantastic!!!!