Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a SMALL dance recital with a BIG audience

This unseasonably warm evening, I was invited to attend my 8 year old niece's "Hip Hop" class recital. I left work early to ensure I would be on time and get a prime seat to ensure photographic success. I arrived around sunset to find a motley assortment of my nieces and nephews hanging out front while waiting for the show to start:
One cousin even showed up with flowers for her cousin...So sweet!We all filed into the recital hall and it was then I realized...my niece was one of only TWO students in the class. Yes, the entire class was made up of TWO students!! Here is my niece, warming up:
No need to fight for room on the dance floor:
The audience for the show was comprised of 95% our family, 4% the other student's family and 1% teacher:
For once we didn't have to beat up other families to obtain better seats! The hip hop show began with some light moves and warm up:
The highlight of the show was a tribute to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" choreography:

There were two other dances, one was something about an ice cream cone, I think. I was too busy taking photos to hear what they were called. Meanwhile, the "younger brother" portion of the audience was growing restless:
and my niece kept on dancing...
Some more slick choreography by two well trained Hip Hop dancers:

After the 20 minute performance, the well deserved bows from the dancer(s):
We were all very proud of her, as most of us would have crapped ourselves if we had to get out there and be only one of two dancers that everyone was watching! Here's the star with her flowers:
Of course, every true star takes the time to pose with fans:

...and here is the star with her teacher, who I must say, did an excellent job. Those girls knew their moves. Which is more than I can say for myself when I took a "Thriller" dance gym course a couple of years ago and totally embarrassed myself with my obvious lack of rhythm, timing and style. But I digress...

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