Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines and Birthdays (Surprise, that is)

Lots of things going on this week! Prep for Valentines Day and Chinese New Year's, and my mother's..uh...29th...yeah...uh...birthday. First, Valentines day for the niece and nephews. I made my HOMEMADE (Betty Cr ocker) cupcakes again this year:
The above "easy frost" can method made short work of frosting the 50 plus cupcakes. Thank you Pillsbury for this genius invention!
Finished product:
Detail shot to show the conversation heart messages!
Here's me passing out the Valentine's /Chinese New Year gift boxes to the kids. The smile on my face hides the very real fear that at any moment this gang of kids could turn on me:
To keep the kids busy while the adults set up the "surprise party", I gave them Chinese dragons to color:
some of the finished products:
The time for the "surprise" was getting near! The family gathered strength from the chips and dip table while awaiting the arrival of mom:
Now, trying to surprise a women who has raised five children already is like telling a woman in labor that she is pregnant. She was not fooled! She even showed up with a note in her pocket saying: "Everyone will be there, including Pat" (her friend), just to prove to us that she knew what was up!

After greetings and salutations, dinner was served:

After dinner was done, presents were expected:
After gifts had been opened and admired, cake was demanded:

Once cake had been served and gobbled, the drinking and general carousing began:
Tonight on Discovery Channel..."When Grandmas Attack! Terrifying True stories from the mouths of toddlers!":
Some tried to hide from such attacks:

some people can't hold their liquor well...I WON'T SAY WHO:
Some friendly family photos:
More drunken carousing:

one of those "awww, how cute" photos:
and then there is this:
yes, that's a pencil in his earring hole.
and this:
and of course this:
The night wound down with only one threat of violence:
All in all, a good time was had by all (except maybe the dog and the hermit crabs). I escaped early, carpooling with a number of children on the way out. I have no idea what became of the rest of the family.

Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Valentine's Day to all, and Good Luck to all in the Chinese New Year!


Mom said...

Great pictures, Honey. I had a wonderful time and will remember it always (or as long as my memory lasts)!

carmine said...

Awesome pictures! and the heart message "text me" wow! times are changing