Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday in the House with Moms

Mother's Day - when mothers all over the world are "treated" to homemade goodies such as a breakfast of cheerios with chocolate syrup and pieces of Legos...unidentifiable clay creations in shapes mother nature never intended...and hand drawn, crayola splattered cards proclaiming each mother the best in the universe. OK, so this year I used markers instead of crayons.

So of course the family all gathered to attend to such festivities. There were flowers, and cards, and hand made goodies. And of course...FOOD.
Here is a dual purpose cake I made. One side is for mothers,
optional title available for others:
Of course, the kids were unimpressed with such cake decorating prowess. The trampoline was calling:
Of course the little darlings took a break once in awhile to critique the buffet offerings:
and the "older crowd" had to be pandered to occasionally:
Of course, the star of such children offerings is usually the youngest...I give you the (not for long) stationary infant:
A rare photo of me with one of the kids:
and the "offerings to the mantle of motherhood" began:
a little butterfly coming in for a landing:
it takes many photos to get to the perfect photo:

the winners! (please note the cropping of some photos - some expressions are NOT salvageable):
and then of course there are others who are not so easily coerced into smiling:
not yet...
close enough:
A little undignified on the spot childcare could be seen throughout the day.
some random photography that kept me busy and away from buffet offerings:
Look at this expression. She's checking out the buffet, no doubt:
All that floor time is exhausting:
some obligatory group shots to round out the afternoon:

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