Monday, June 14, 2010

June is Busting out with the Birthday Girls!

Ahh June...the spring air, the ocean breezes, the wandering down the toy and toddler wear aisles desperate to find that special gift that will make the kid happy...two parties this month, two trips to my favorite hell on earth...Target!

We start our June parties with our Memorial Day mama...who graciously held her party a week later so the Memorial Holiday Weekend could be observed:
Here is the little princess in her official 5 year portrait:
This one was all about Hannah Montana, all the time:
Nothing says "I'm Five" like banner draped chandelier:Then the party guests began to arrive...guess they forgot to shave...AGAIN:
Some were a little more intense than others (first prize for the one who knows the movie*):*Disclaimer: There is no prize.

Party shenanigans ranged from a little soccer playing:
some foot grabbing:
light snacking:
and just for kicks...letting a baby gnaw on a pickle:
The party girl was then ready to get the gift giving going!

a last image of cousins galore:
and a parting shot of the star attraction!
Onward! Next up is the newly crowned two year old:
who was all about Dora the Explorer:
The parental units and assorted aunties and uncles:
Shenanigans at this party included building a slide train:
removing large obstacles from the train tracks:Posing for awesome photos:
Displaying their best side: and putting up with your older sister stealing the show: This party girl was ready to rip into the those gifts:

someone was very excited about her Dora Tent...I WON'T SAY WHO:
Time for some cake!
Didn't take long for the parents to realize that there are sadistic bakers at Baskin Robbins who think it's very funny to put food dye into the frosting:
This is what eating too much sugary frosting looks like:

a parting shot of the party girl!
and a funky photo edit I did:

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