Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 parties down...one to go!

As November draws to a close, I suddenly realize...I HAVE ONLY ONE MORE KID PARTY TO ATTEND THIS YEAR! After this one, of course.

Last Saturday was nice and warm, and I headed out to attend my nephew's 11th birthday bright and early. OK, it was 12noon.

To be eleven again! Riding your bike, avoiding homework, playing games, and gleefully pointing out each time an adult makes a mistake about anything...ah....good times!

Well, this young man is certainly growing up fast - there is very little "kid" in his face left, and he is growing into a handsome young teen!
The family gathered for the party (sans those who managed to have the "I'm in Mexico" excuse), and, of course, the usual party elements applied:

I give you: Cake made by his Dad:
(carrot cake with olive oil as the vegetable oil was missing in action)
I give you: Bored kids barely tolerating adult conversation while awaiting presents and cake:
I give you: Lovely handcrafted card made by camera shy sister:
we won't show the inside with the very sisterly nasty message:
I give you: Obligatory photos of birthday boy with his gift kill:
baseball mitts, Wii games, clothes and more....oh my!

I give you: Cousin playing with some kind of violent looking rifle for some kind of Wii Hunting game:
We finally managed to get some lunch on the schedule....
Then, of course, Auntie had to torture the kids with her camera...just for kicks:

And finally, the CAKE! Of course, the birthday boy was all about his power and majesty with candle destruction:
but alas...
As the party wound down, this was the best photo I could get of the camera shy little sister:
and finally, I give you...shot of the day...The Gene Simmons imitation:

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