Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Tanennbaum...

It's December.
It's cold.
It's raining.
This can only mean one thing....

It's time to go hunt down a Christmas Tree!! As I gathered the necessary supplies to go on such a rough hunting trip, I attempted to get OTHERS interested in displaying some Christmas spirit:
I even tried to show Killer Diller that DP was willing to wear the hat:
Oh well...after a "long and arduous" car drive into the wilds known as "Lucky's Parking Lot", we headed in to claim our kill:Of course, some people made their choice very clear:
Perhaps it was the rain, or the snappy breeze in the cold air, or perhaps it was the smell of food nearby, but whatever the cause...the clear winner was chosen quickly enough:
a mere $4o dollars later (plus $5 for a tip), the tree was "safely" tied to the car for the long, arduous journey home:
There were some tense moments on the road when the strings got taut and the tree appeared to be heading for the side of the hood...but I haven't lost a tree on the freeway yet! Once home, I noticed that someone...I WON'T SAY WHO...was RUDELY staring at us while we unloaded the tree:
or this:
or this:
Soon enough, the tree was safely ensconced in its more "natural" environment:
and just as quickly, I put DP to work untangling the lights:
Ta Da!
Here's what the tree looks like after a few glasses of wine:

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