Monday, October 10, 2011

The Baby of the Bunch moves up in the world!

The Smallest of the Small Fry celebrated her 2nd Birthday a few weekends ago! This one is a bundle of energy, constantly trying to keep up with her 3 older siblings! I took this shot of her when I had them for a week, right before her birthday:
Vital Stats:
Favorite things: Dora and Diego, Disney Princesses (see Disneyland blogs!) and basically anything that is not hers but is within her grasp.
Likes: Reading books (Curious George, Dr Seuss, Tikki Tikki Tembo, etc), her awesome auntie (of course), and running wild.
Dislikes: naps, most veggies, her sister taking anything remotely resembling a toy that she considers hers- the usual assortment.
Favorite words: Mine, Aunteeeeee, and some select phrases heard out of the older kid's mouths - she will also personally inform you "I farted" when she passes gas - a phrase no doubt taught to her by her 10 year old brother!
Other stats: 25% potty trained, getting ready for a big girl bed and she just had her first stitches last week after pulling a cabinet down on her head!

Here is the baby...whoops, I mean toddler (sniff), all excited for her party!
Showing affection for her tween sister:
Meanwhile, out in the backyard, the 3 year old was showing her displeasure at the whole "party for the little squirt" goings on:
While the adults shuffled around the house eating chips and drinking beer, very excited for yet ANOTHER kid party, the small fry amused themselves with the very popular train set:
It didn't take long for everyone to get to "Present Land"...the 3 year old took on a decidedly "big sister" attitude at this point and showed her little sister the ropes on opening gifts:
She even opened the cards for her - such a big helper - she was thrilled to see her dog Harley on the cover of one of the cards:
Harley felt it necessary to point out her role in the card:
The presents were of the usual 2 year old assortment - a pillow pet, awesome Legos, Dora toys and such. This auntie bought her clothes and books - there was no way I was going to contribute to the "toy madness" that is their playroom - I had to clean that crap up for a week straight!
Not everyone was happy with Dora's dominating presence:
A little downtime spent reading with Daddy while Mommy was arranging the cake table:
This small fry was not pleased with our pathetic singing efforts:
But she was all into the cake...literally:
After all the important party points had been completed, it was time for a little snack and photo shoot outside:

The newly crowned 2 year old is wearing the same onsie her sister wore when SHE turned two:
The three year old is wearing a dress auntie bought for her 12 year old sister some 9 years ago:
oh yes, the "cheeseball smile" stage has officially started for this kid. No more telling her to smile for the camera. The results of such an effort:
The more natural approach, in which auntie doesn't say anything and just rapidly clicks away, hoping for the best:
a final photo shopped touch:

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