Saturday, March 10, 2012

Small Fry dance antics on a Saturday morning

This weekend, I had the honor to escort the youngest two small fry nieces to their weekly ballet/tap dance class.  Of course, Auntie felt the need to photograph them at every opportunity.  Here we have some urban style photographs of the two dancers in front of their garage:
The little posers had no problem striking poses for auntie:

Yes, very impressive.  Right?  Right.
Moving on...we arrived at the class on time, full of energy and spirit!  Unfortunately, the older girl's hairdo lost it's energy and spirit about 2 minutes after entering the studio.  Auntie unloaded the dance bag, coats, boots, and snacks and picked up her camera and video.  I got right to work:

The youngest - at 2 and 1/2 years old - appeared to be the smallest in the class, but she clearly made up for this lack of height in a bold display of spirit and dance authority:

These "Toddler and Tiara" wannabes took some time to learn some popular dance steps (points if you know the show I'm quoting...) :
As mentioned above, the smallest of the small fry has no issue leading in any situation.  She has 10 older siblings/cousins to boss around, so she's no slouch in this area:
 A contemplative moment for the tiny dancer:
One of the most important parts of the class is learning some kind of toe/shuffle/heel maneuver.  Apparently they will be using this step in an upcoming dance recital.  After observing the chaos involved in getting these tiny dancers to do this step, I realize that this upcoming recital is a show I won't want to miss:
Points again for the show reference...
The class had many elements to it...(besides mothers on their phone, mothers on the dance floor with their kids, mothers talking in the background, and one auntie taking copious amounts of photos and video)...the girls did some kind of "playing with scarves" thing:
Corner time for some kind of bunny hopping to a cabbage patch doll exercise thing:
Then it was time for the typical ballet stretches and postures.  I got these great shots of my niece doing a great job, and then noticed all the background action in the shots when I got home:

I was unclear on the concept of the girls playing with hula hoops:

The last part of the class entailed some sort of "hula hoop train" that went all around the little center the class is held in.
After the hour was up, it was clear that a fun time had been had by all!  Auntie had at least 100 photos and about 20 minutes of video to memorialize the event.  The girls had spent a good part of their daily energy, and it was time to head home.
Here is a parting shot of the girls in their dance duds:

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Anonymous said...

I'll give them 3 stars Ed. You do realize this is how the Brittney Spears of the world start...