Monday, May 27, 2013

Easter - Yes, Easter! I know it's late!

It's been a challenge for me to feel up to writing lately...but who am I to deny the Internets all these photos and cynical comments, I ask you? So here I am trying to catch up now.  I'll start with Easter:
Not all of the eggs were willing participants in the annual high dive "deviled eggs" swimming event:

But all eventually succumbed to the pressure:

Again I attempted to take some "arty" photos of Easter looking things, only to have to suffer with photo-bombing cats galore (neither of these cats are mine, either!):

But I did manage to take a rather dignified portrait of a chocolate bunny, so I was satisfied in the end.  Very satisfied.  From bunny ears to tail I was. Yum.
Then the trek to the family gathering in cowtown - where the kids were, of course, thrilled to see me and my camera:
  Or could it have been the baskets they saw being unloaded?  Hmm, I wonder...
It was this "basket of goodies awaiting me" awareness that allowed me the privilege of commanding them to hold still for an Easter portrait:

This privilege did not last long:
Due to incoming thunderstorms, the Easter Egg hunt was cancelled (oh darn).  Children were forced to take hasty shelter from the rain.  I should have unlocked the back door for them, I admit it.  But really, there was plenty of room for them under that table.
 Meanwhile, inside, the "cool cats" hung out.
 How this family rolls with Easter foods...I give you...Peep a Yam:
This next image is a sad reminder that it is time for me to hire professional photographers to come along to these family events so I can get a passable photograph of me at these parties:
 I leave you with a cute portrait of some blondes hanging by the pool:

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