Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some summery images for your viewing pleasure

A friend of mine has a nest full of swallows (I think that was what she said they were) outside her front door. She told me the baby birds all sit on the fence next to the house and hang out all day, waiting for a) grub from moms and b) the ability to fly.

Of course I had to photograph this:
and here is the LOVELY nest on her porch...time for a Clean House visit, I say!
As I got closer to the birds, I could hear their conversation:

Back home, I was spending the afternoon cleaning house and giving the bird some air by the kitchen window. Of course, someone just HAD to come on by to see what this was all about:

...and that cat was going NOWHERE as long as there was the slightest chance that an earthquake or tornado might suddenly happen to loosen the window screen enough for it to fall off and expose the bird to the elements:

Another great sunset today from the front window:

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