Thursday, July 9, 2009

This means war!

As faithful readers know...I have been spoon feeding and watering and mowing and basically kissing the lawn's ass for 2 months now. Results were FINALLY coming along:

And then one horrifying morning, I innocently woke up and looked outside.
This vandalism was not caused by mere Robins. I brave a closer look:
Uh, yeah, these are clawed back sections of lawn. Ruthlessly torn up blades of grass. By what?? Here's my guess:
Yeah, it's a chihuahua, but look at it!! Vicious! Now, I have never actually SEEN this chihuahua on my property. The culprit could be a dingo, or a coyote, or some unchaperoned toddler out wandering in the middle of the night:
Oh sure, he LOOKS innocent enough, but please note how he is callously trampling the lawn!!

I think I will set up some elaborate web cam video system with motion sensors to catch the criminal. That same morning, I also noticed a gopher hole on the side of the lawn. Oh hells no. I got the cat on top of this one, literally:
and then the highlight of the day: it was time to take the cat in for her "shots". This was something I had never done in my life, so it was bound to be a fun and exciting task. For both of us.
Of course, I spared the cat the indignity of photographing her desperate efforts to maintain her "outside the cage" status. It took ONLY 45 minutes to "convince" the cat to get into one of the larger dog cages. We were at the vets for 5 MINUTES total and then it was back home to release her:
For all her struggling, loud vocalization against my efforts and apparent distaste of needles being stuck into her...the cat seemed to recover from the ordeal quite quickly, and was once again being her usual exhibitionist self:

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