Sunday, January 24, 2010

Small Fry Saturday Shenanigans

Saturday Small Fry Shifts:

AM shift - small fry babies for an morning and afternoon of photos and fun while mom and dad packed up their house with the older siblings help.

PM shift - larger small fry for Legos, dinner and dessert while grandparents went out to dinner (parents in Mexico - the dogs!)

Here's a glance at the AM shift:
Yes, the 18 month old adores Ingrate Bastard. She immediately "greets" him upon her arrival, as shown above. Then it was on to more important matters for her...the taste testing of toys.
Some frustration getting the wind up toys to wind up for her:
Then more quality time with Ingrate:
Then toy tasting again:
I managed to wrangle some time to get the girls photos going and this next shot I consider the winner of the day:
Both girls were wearing vintage 1900's baby dresses for the photos:

But of course, the baby threw up on hers, so it was back to naked or nowadays clothing once again:

A little lunch for the misses:

Then a few more photos and some playtime:

The small fry left around 3:30, which gave me one hour to prepare for the next onslaught:
I decided to keep dinner simple, with lunchables and Dr Pepper:
An evening of Legos. In one corner, the four year old was making this incredibly layered and complex mosaic of one and two peg Legos only. How do I know it was incredibly layered? Cause it took me 30 minutes to dismantle it later on!
Look how proud he is of it!
In the next corner, the newly crowned 7 year old was more interested in making a haunted jail type building with traps and weapons that SpongeBob Squarepants was being held in:
Complete with dynamite trap, motorcycle with attached video camera and trap door in ROOF:
While over in this corner we have the 9 year old animal lover, constructing a park and jungle type thing, complete with TV news cameras capturing a snake escape that caused mass havoc among the Lego people:

Then, to bring the day to a stunning conclusion, I held a "make your own" ice cream sundae dessert for the kids:
Yeah, the sundaes were incredible all right. The kids were all talk and no show however:
The sad results of over engineering the whole ice cream sundae thing:

A little more Lego time and I finally kicked them out about 8pm. And by kicked out, I mean DRAGGED THEM to my car to deliver them back home.
The great snake escape, 2010:
This photo brought to you by the 7 year old, who commanded I take the photo, add the "vs" and the bar, and publish to my blog for him to see:The whole shebang, in one shot:
After a couple hours spent dismantling and storing Legos, it was time for Auntie to go to bed already!

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Well, I guess I know how you spent your day.