Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dark Side of Photography

I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the photos you never get to see. For every great photo of the kids I've gotten over the years...there are these..hanging around the edges of my photo file folders, refusing to go away:

I give you...disgusted infant:

Sibling tomfoolery:
"smiling" for the camera:
The "go ahead, take my photo, see if I care" shot:
I give you sibling love in all it's glory:
The "look what I can do" moment:
The, uh, "look what I can do" moment:
When posing goes horribly wrong:
Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything...what...again?
The "I can't help it if your child looks like the devil" photo:
The whole "not again!" look:
Sometimes the camera can get just a tad too close:
The "tasting the air" photos:
The "chuckie doll" look (in christening dress, no less):
The "too cool for photos" look:
and the sequel photo..."wait, one more, auntie!":
Here's a look she's sure to use again:
I'll let you guess what was going on here:
The "cheesy" cheeseball photo:
The "I got your smile right here" look:
Here we have the "I can't hear the camera, so it isn't there" look:
followed by the "This IS my best angle" photo:
and the awkwardly posed Christmas photo:
The "how dare you call me cute" reaction:
More best angles:
Here's what I like to call the "yes, I totally think we could be supermodels" look:
The crazy baby look:
The "Gene Simmons" approach to having one's photo taken:
and here is a kid who thinks I can't see him behind the cotton candy cone:
Here's that girl, "smiling" for the camera again:
This photo I like to call the "Christmas Candy Aftershocks" look:
The "rock on, sister woman, rock on" photo:
A Christmas "ending" photo:
and finally, the "mistaken lighting causing the bad photo" effect:

I can't say the lighting caused the kid to look that though!

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