Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas's all for the kids, you know.

Christmas is the time for:
* Children
* Presents
* Eating
* Drinking
* Church
* Valium
* Cookies
Not necessarily in that order, mind you. Here is a selection of the photos from this year's Christmas Massacre.....excuse me...I mean Christmas Festivities. Took me a few days to sort and load, much to the chagrin of my family.

We start with Christmas Eve, and a photograph of the very anticipatory cousin brood, waiting permission to dig in:
Onward to Christmas morning, a morning filled with tearing, throwing, tossing and terrific amounts of noise.
The stockings had fallen off the chimney, with care:
Santa had left a note for all to share:
And sugar laden donuts were laid out for those that did dare:
An infant was passed around to share:
Then opening of gifts started, with little fanfare:
a certain young binkie stealer took from her dolls, without care:
The cousins then paused, to see what was next to tear:
Then started to check out their haul, and began to "not share":
Must to the children's dismay, the "old people" then got a turn to open their ware:
He's smiling cause he knows it is NOT popcorn in there:
Finally, the children were allowed to open and play without care:
and we got to hear MORE Disney Sing It...beware!
Santa had left Auntie a photo key chain with specific photos of Santa with her, from when they were dating (nothing bare):
While others got up to some mischief, by dare:
Look at this child, so beautiful with that hair!
more mischief by dare...
One kid wanted to help with Auntie's famous, laborious Stove Top Stuffing preparation, with care:
While another lazed around, waiting for her next chance to cause mischief, by more dare:
OK, enough rhyming!
Soon enough, it was time to devour Dad's famous barbecued turkey:
I believe my sister found cloves for THIS version of her pumpkin pie:
I made a tragic blunder this Christmas and thought the application of edible snowflakes would be a cool way to top my AWESOME HOMEMADE Butterscotch pies. WRONG. They tasted like cardboard. And when the children start tossing them aside, you KNOW they are bad:

Some kids headed off to ANOTHER Christmas at their Noni's house:

Finally the Christmas massacre...excuse me...festivities, wound down for the year:I leave you with a last...TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE but very funny shot of the 18 month old getting her drink on:

Please note: This was a sealed container and it was taken away immediately after the photo was taken!

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if that little cutie wants to know where babies come from I will gladly show her