Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring has done SPRUNG

Upon arriving home from work this evening, I was shocked...shocked I tell you... to see that spring had snuck into the back and front yards while I was out. I grabbed my camera and caught spring in full action as the evening settled in:
Even the grand old lady Cypress tree had a new look about her. Oh wait, that's because she lost some weight after some of her limbs came crashing down during one of last winter's storms:

The freshly mowed lawn, front section...(the best looking section, mind you):
Here are some of those lovely onion weeds that I was blogging about earlier this year:
This here is the "spoon daisy" plant I purchased with last year's GENEROUS tax return from THE MAN. Hmm, the $2.00 went a long way...they bloomed right after tax day:
This vine with blooms is in the front area, next to the driveway:
Hmm, it appears we have spring squatters! It's a Blue Jay's nest. GREAT, the loudest birds in the neighborhood:A tiny little Camellia:
These are blooms on a TREE in the backyard:

The sun was setting, so time to get some last shots and head inside:

There's Killer Diller, checking out the hill area for fresh kill:
and the sun set on a beautiful day...god only knows what'll be blooming this weekend!

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