Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eggs, Chocolate, and Bunnies - it must be Easter.

Easter 2010 - a few eggs, a bit of food coloring, a few more eggs, lots of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, a lot more eggs, drinks, fluffy bunny ears, baskets, parental Valium, a few more eggs, and a lot of unexpected rain.
We start with the annual sacrifice of the eggs (1 dozen for dyeing and 6 dozen for deviling):
Add in a few ridiculous egg dyeing kits among the traditional PAAS method:
Set up the spread with all supplies and sundry:
Of course, it's not egg dyeing night without the classic 1970's horror movie:
and then it was time:

SOME PEOPLE just had to get all creative with some electrical tape. I won't say who:
not bad for a can of Dr Pepper with no arms:and the finished effect:
Here are some of my efforts at EGGstravagant style (HA HA!..anyone?):

Final stash:
Then, as the smell of 6 dozen eggs permeated the very core of my house, my carpets, my clothes and so on, it was time to sacrifice 6 dozen eggs to the higher needs of hungry others:
Of course, egg deviling can only merit from the subtle influence of Charlton Heston on the TV:
mmm...eggs. needless to say, I didn't have any appetite for these things after the first 3 dozen had been completed:
Despite the heinous stormy weather, I managed to get all the eggs to the bro's house for easy consumption Easter day:
(note the hand of those who cannot wait)
The baskets from the Easter bunny came under attack immediately:
Time for some Easter shots before the others arrive:
So cute!
and then the crowds of sugared up kids, weary parents and assorted aunts and uncles descended:
Baskets were handed out:
Peeps were devoured, somewhat:
new goodies such as "edible Easter grass" was sampled:
Cousins hung out:
and the youngest of the bunch was mercilessly photographed:

a little silliness popped up now and then:
and of course there was the food:
Then the INDOOR Easter Egg Hunt began. Due to an unexpected late spring storm, we were all trapped (like rats) inside, and had to endure the noise and confusion of these kids hunting for eggs as if they were made of gold:
The kids made short work of the 40 eggs. 39 found quickly. Twenty extra minutes for the last egg, which my father took and hid in his pocket...thinking we would all enjoy STRETCHING THIS HELL out even further. He was almost severely beaten.

A sad tween, complete with droopy bunny ears, contemplates her TWO EGGS in a basket...
until she finds that her height has advantages!

Yeah, this next photo represents the parent's feelings as well:
Time for one more Easter photo, then I have to take some kind of meds and call it a night!!

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