Sunday, January 23, 2011

Backyard Birdies...and the cat that awaits them...

Having been sick for the last week, I found myself prisoner on the couch, surrounded by musilex meds, tissues, unhealthy snacks and Dr Pepper. My television viewing was limited to watching things like Judge shows celebrating people that made me feel normal, shows about murders, solving murders, unsolved murders and the people who commit murder, hours of programming about nazis, hoarders and drug addicts and to wrap it up...people who are addicted to eating things like couch cushions, toilet paper, soap and the like.

I was getting depressed.

I finally decided to shut off the TV and do something else. ANYTHING ELSE. I chose to organize some of my many photos on my computer and found I had an interesting collection of backyard birds to share:
Here we have a winter visitor to the bird feeder:
and here we have Killer Diller, laying in wait...
This was a nest over the garage door a couple of seasons back:
These are the parents of that big ass baby in the nest above:
One parent guarded that nest faithfully (I can never tell which is mother or father):
Here is a baby robin I had to rescue from the clutches of Killer Diller:
I tried to return it as close to the nest as possible:
Two baby robins in their comfy nest (I was hopeful the one I rescued was one of them!):
and here we have Killer Diller, right below the nest, waiting...
The following is a rather intensely built Blue Jay nest in the front of the house:
and here we have a rather intense Blue Jay scolding anyone who dares get close to the nest:
This is me attempting to gain some video of the baby blue jays...FAIL:

Below is a family of some kind of bird, all hanging out on the weather vane:
and finally, the weather vane in the sunset:
that's all for now...gotta go blow my nose again...ugh..


Earin Marybird said...

Just me, the Natural History Geek...

The brightest bird is always the male.

The blue jay is a Steller's Jay. You can tell by the topknot. The one's without the topknot are scrub jays. Jays are quite smart, they even remember faces and your behavior.

Glad you're feeling better!

JustMe said...

thanks for info Earin! I am disappointed that I was not able to get any time to get up to your place this February - hoping for some time in March before the snow melts!