Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid Summer Madness! Another Kid Party!!

Yes - I attended the party for a newly crowned six year old - yet again - the parties are endless with this tribe!

This child loves:
* the color pink
* Hannah Montana
* flip flops (ugh! a girl not after her auntie's sense of style!)
* Root Beer Floats
* her auntie (that would be me)

I started off with a little cake making for the princess, and enlisted her older sister to attend to such details as "decorations" and "pretty stuff":
You'll see the results shortly. As usual, the cousin crowd showed up to help the girl celebrate:
and goodie bags were properly handed out:
and there was the usual tomfoolery:
Then the star could wait no longer - presents had to contended with:

Then it was back to a bit of tomfoolery:
a tragic "boo boo" incident:
Then this sap had to show up at the party:
(ha! ha! Ha!....anyone? anyone?)

The party girl was duly impressed with her auntie and sister's cake creation:
and then it was time for the annual "breath test":
It was about this time auntie realized she had MISTAKENLY (I swear!) bought trick candles that not only sparkled, they re-lit themselves and threw sparks out...
The girl was slightly stressed by the danger...
But, being 6 years old now - she dealt with the situation was soon back to her smiling self!
Here's a last shot of the cake with monkey man standing guard:

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