Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Small Fry is Saved! (and just in time!)

The smallest of the small fry is getting big! The deed could be put off no longer - she must follow the path of her three older siblings and be officially baptized!

So the family gathered at the river.....I mean church...and prepared to welcome this particular small fry into the fold.

As soon as we entered the church, she very much got into the spirit of things:
She and her sister were even inspired to stand still for a nice portrait together:
of course, this mood could not last long, and her natural instincts soon took over:
Then it was on to the big moment - she seemed a little unsure of the whole upending process, but took it in good spirit and didn't shame herself with any tears:
the result:
The it was off to the rest of the ceremony. Now, the priest told us he had never in his 16 years of baptizing kids seen a toddler pull this next move and he was deeply moved by her "re-blessing" of her own parents:

It moved everyone to tears, it was so cute and heartfelt! A moment of reflection for the newly baptized child followed:
Then the glory of the moment was upon her!
SOME PEOPLE, I WON'T SAY WHO, weren't impressed by her new found holy attitude:
Time for a family portrait:
and big brother got a chance to share the spotlight:
Her holiness was full of smiles as we ended the picture session:
Then it was off to the house for a new outfit and new attitude:

The usual suspects showed up to help celebrate:
and while the adults reminisced about catholic school days and drank toasts to the small fry's new status - the older smaller fry worked off the energy they saved up while sitting still in church:

The star of the afternoon, after waking from a well deserved nap, was all smiles as she spied the pile of gifts:
And of course, big sister was RIGHT THERE to help her open gifts:

and that, as they say, IS THAT!

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