Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving - 2011 Cranberry Smackdown

Thanksgiving -it's the berries!
I give you...the 2011 Cranberry smack-down:
As you can see - it was natural vs. canned this year, and as the following photos will attest...

constantly tended cranberries:
horribly scarred wooden spoon:
Disgusting "cooking" evidence on my counter:
It's CANNED for the win!! Not only did I have to deal with the horrifying mess above (which yielded a mere 3 cups of sauce), I had to endure the unappreciative faces of my family, who announced my final product either " too tart" or "too sweet"! I even added alcohol!! Whatever!

of course, I also made my famous Butterscotch Pies...
and I SLAVED over the stuffing as well:
Then it was over the river and through the woods (about 3 miles while listening to KOIT 96.5 Christmas music) to my sister's house, where I was greeted like this:
Everyone was very excited for the feasting to begin:
The decorations and table looked great...

and of course auntie kept the small fry entertained and out of the way for as long as I could...with assorted crafts. The annual "design your own cup" craft:
which created a friendly contest of sorts:

and some ornament crafting with beads and wire. The 11 year old niece had to assist Auntie in figuring out this craft, and the results were pretty cool:
Some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were a little obsessed with only one table item:
After devouring the turkey and trimmings, I tried to get some random photos of the kids while the adults sat around digesting:
my 13 year old niece took over the camera for a bit and did a great job with the following shots:

Then auntie recovered enough to take some shots while the desserts were being set out:

showing off her purple nails:
Here's a cool shot of dad with the kids, passing down Thanksgiving knowledge:Some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were a little obsessed with getting a free handout:
and then the annual "Pie Envy" event began:
and finally, the saddest Thanksgiving face ever...
Please note: It's HIGHLY unlikely this dog was denied turkey. Or rolls. Or stuffing.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has consumed canned cranberry sauce for 5+ years will have their body automatically reject anything that might be considered "natural" or "wholesome". Were you feeding the 3 bears with the "too tart" "too sweet" comments? Where was Goldilocks with the "just right"? You should have soaked the cranberries in tequila first...

JustMe said...

I had Grand Marinier in those berries!! Ingrates, all of them!