Monday, December 5, 2011

We need a little Christmas, right this very moment...

As soon as the turkey is digested, the children peeled off my legs, and I return to my humble's time to start decorating for Christmas! No, my living room is not on fire:
This is my grandmother's old aluminum Christmas tree, very cool and very hard to photograph in all it's glory. The flame throwing thing in the back is the "color wheel", which turns the tree bright primary colors as the wheel turns, squeaking in a very vintage type style the whole time.

Of course, as soon as the first weekend in December arrives, so does the real tree! (the aluminum tree is moved to the bedroom) After an arduous trek to the local Lowe' 65 degree weather no less...I secured the following tree:
A 6-7 footer (more like 6 foot, barely!) for $40, and to date I have not broken my "no tree falling off this car" record!

Of course, the roof lights are up, shaming all the neighbors into attempting to do something to their house:
The rest of the house soon followed suit with decorations, with my collection of vintage Christmas knick knacks seeing the light of day once again:
A small glimpse into my vast vintage bottle brush tree collection:
Some local wildlife:
My village houses (under threat of Bumble attack) with a Santa flying around (for the kids, you know):
This really cool $10 aluminum mini wall tree I found a couple of years ago:
Bing, of course, must be honored:
Here we have "the white owl" - an ornament I found on the floor of Montgomery Wards (yes, THAT LONG AGO) on or about Christmas Eve. It was dirty, missing a foot, and had been kicked around somewhat. The love of Christmas made my heart grow 10 sizes that day, and I brought it home:
A sampling of the vintage pinecones I have on my tree:
Old timey Santa head magnet:
And here we have a great glass snowflake window ornament a friend gave me years ago. Within 3 seconds of taking this photo, it mysteriously snapped off it's connector and fell to the floor, shattering one of it's snowflake limbs. I was not happy!

A small view of my snowman collection on a shelf in the kitchen:
My very own "elf on the shelf" to make sure I behave during the holidays:
And last but not least, this is what happens when I take one of the village houses outside for a woodsy type photograph:
My camera did not focus properly on both house and squirrel, and for this I was very angry! What an awesome shot!!

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