Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poolside Party - Fun in the Sun!

These kids keep getting older and older!  I swear my niece looked like this just the other day:
Now here she is, hosting her very own pool party at the ripe age of 12 years! (that's her in the yellow wrap)
As guests arrived, they joined in on the fun in many different ways.  Some were tossed in pool rather unceremoniously:
 While others made their own way in:
 and still others chose to hang poolside:

One of the party highlights was celebrating the first losses of teeth for two of the cousins - here they show off what they gave up for the money they earned (something like $14 between them - damn!!)
One of the nephews appears to be morphing into a Dennis the Menace mode here:
While a sweet niece posed rather nicely for me:
Note to self:  Do not tell these kids to say "cheese" anymore.  They take things way too literally:
Now here we have a REAL slice of CHEESE!
...and a glimpse of some sisterly sweetness:
 ...and back to the CHEESE:
 ...more CHEESE:
 another glance at more sweetness:
After hours of swimming, snacking and sunning, the party girl was finally ready to settle back and do some gift opening:

 a very happy kid opening her new keyboard from Noni:
Of course, as is the custom around here, as soon as the paper, ribbons and cards are swept aside...the cake must make it's appearance.  Someone, I WON'T SAY WHO, was a little excited at the prospect of random crumbs falling to the ground:
Here is the birthday girl in all her glory:
While wandering the house later on I came upon this quaint scene of grandma helping the birthday girl set up her keyboard:
A lovely party day was had by all - I even managed to get one of those "awesome type" photos that come with a combination of luck, timing and many, many throw away shots before and after the winning one appears:

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