Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer and Sun and Newly Crowned Seven Year olds!

Yes, it was time once again to celebrate another year for another niece. It's the kickoff of the summer birthday season! This little princess was ready to celebrate!

Oh to be seven again! To have a birthday party that includes:
Best friends:
 Bounce Castles:

 Slip and Slides:

 and endless supplies of lollipops:

This little niece's party was full of food and fun - including cupcakes (they seemed a little needy): influence is rubbing off on even the younger of the set:
 While awaiting party guests, I amused the birthday girl with some trick photography:

 Meanwhile mom was busy getting the cake on!
 Of course, the party girl could not let my gift sit by without proper inspection:
 As the guests starting arriving, the Aloha theme went into full swing!
 and of course, so did the silliness factor!
 The perils of trying to get group party photos:
Check out some of the swell party gifts:
Yes, fish!!  The kids played a carnival game involving the old cups of water and ping pong balls:
Unfortunately, Auntie had to leave this party early due to other commitments...I'll leave you with yet another image of the gorgeous new 7 year old:
Happy Birthday, Girl!!

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