Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fearlessly Four (even in that heat)!

Gather one newly crowned Four Year old
Add in 9 other cousins/siblings
Mix liberally with 105 Degree heat
Sprinkle some sugar, alcohol and snackies on top

and BAKE we did.

Another niece celebrated another milestone last weekend, and the sun decided to honor the celebration by breaking out in gigantic rays of hellish heat. Thank god we had the pool to escape into!

Here she is ladies and gentlemen...this four year old ain't takin no guff from NOBODY - she's got two older siblings and one younger one.  She knows the game.

This is basically what the party looked like all day and evening:
 Cute Teen Cousin:
 Touch football in the pool was a popular attraction:
 and meanwhile, off in the shallows:
 and more touch football:
 and more cute cousins:
Here we have the Fearless Four Year Old showing off her newly acquired swimming and jumping talents to all:
 as well as her newly acquired aging mechanism:
 A brief respite from the pool was afforded to allow the party girl to check out the gifts:
 Barbies, shoes, clothes, Dora Crap and a hula hoop were unwrapped within 5-7 minutes:
Here she is with her daddy - so cute!
and then it was back to the pool to cool off!  Here is her cousin giving free lessons in how to use the newly acquired hula hoop:
 while her other cousin stole the shades!
Did I mention it was 105 degrees?

Did I mention it was 105 degrees?
She managed to gather enough strength to extinguish the candle before the flame added to the already intense heat!
Here are some last shots of the day....Monkey man:
 DEVOTED (Ha Ha) Sisters:

And a parting shot of the party girl, in her newly acquired Old Navy party dress:
(Did I mention it was 105 Degrees?)

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Mom said...

As always, fantastic blog! Yes, it was HOT!!!