Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bookend Birthdays!

We had two birthdays in the family that herald the coming of the Christmas season, and the end of the Christmas season.  This is no reason for Auntie to not spend quality time celebrating their special day with a blog!

Here we have the Pre-Christmas Bash for a gorgeous 11 year old, here seen in all her party glory:
Here we have the Post-Christmas bash for the handsome 10 year old prince, here with his Angry Birds themed party:
and here we see some party guests feeling quite left out:
Presents are always welcome, but when there is a TEN TOWER to be had, the joy knows no bounds:
The ever popular new bike is well appreciated with the tween set:
Not sure what was in this bag, but dang the expression tells me it wasn't underwear:
The ever popular "present circle" is occasionally invaded by "others":
The 11 year old checks out the art kit Auntie bought her.  Her parents were checking out the oil paints that came with the set and giving Auntie the hairy eyeball:
 The 10 Year old prepares for war with the new marshmallow shooters.  His parents were eyeing all those marshmallows about to be shot up all over the house and giving Noni the hairy eyeball:
 Party People at the pre-Christmas birthday bash:
Party People at the post-Christmas birthday bash:
A great portrait I got of my niece, sitting by the fire, chillin:
 A typical portrait of a teenage party goer:
and a typical portrait of the pre-school set, high on pixie sugar sticks:
and a parting shot of one of the 7 year olds, thinking about how much longer he has to wait for HIS ten tower:

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