Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Time Was Here.

I am perilously late with this blog update.  I know this because at the first kid party of the year, I was accosted by family members, wondering if I had died or something, as their Christmas memories had yet to appear.  So here it is!

As the Thanksgiving leftovers disappear, and leaves drift toward the sidewalk in a fall ballet of browns  and golds (poetic, huh?), I know the approach of Christmas is near.  How?

Bumble appears again, ready to watch the festivities and enjoy a bit of seasonal warmth.
This year I employed some classic cookie cutters to make actual sugar cookies (from a mix people, don't get all excited that I discovered cookbooks and such!)
This is a result of my best efforts, after some 6 hours of slavery in the kitchen.
It's a squirrel.
More fun was the cool $1.38 clearance Ninja cookies - these came out REALLY well, and were a hit!
My results weren't that bad!
I also made time to put the tree up, and, of course, SOME PEOPLE, I WON'T SAY WHO, were not impressed:
I purchased a Charlie Brown style tree for my xmas card photo shoot - and it acted appropriately when I tried to plant it outside for some lighthearted decorations:
Xmas card shoot was fun -within seconds of this photo begin taken, that wave you see coming up wiped out the scene.  My assistant (i.e., friend who was home and gamely agreed to help me) grabbed Bumble and left DP and I to die in the surf:
Then, before I knew it, Christmas Eve was upon me!  I know, it comes the same day every year and still, I was taken by surprise.  Here is one of the "darling" nieces at church, practicing her 24 hour "obedience to all" attitude, as she could not afford to take chances at this time:
Here's another one trying to do the same:
Then it was off to my sister's house, where the kids wasted no time stalking the big man himself.  I am not going to comment on the "command center"computer system setup that the family has...
Ever Hopeful Harley, who is seriously regretting eating all that bread when Auntie stayed at the house.  Santa forgives all, right??
The rare and elusive photo of Auntie - feast your eyes:
 THE BIG DAY ARRIVES!!  Fueled by donuts and lack of sleep, these kids are READY to GO!

Here we have the National Geographic, Time Magazine and AP Photo of Year - my nephew watching his brother open an Angry Bird present and thinking that perhaps Auntie had wasted all her money on that one and hadn't gotten him one as well.  This all happened within less than 2 minutes...see below...
 The boy was immediately appeased upon opening his box:
 I like to see the classics take center stage once in awhile:
The following photo is not included for the kids - NO....please note what I had to look at and endure on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!  Flip Flops!!!???  I won't call out the guilty party...he knows who he is:
Apparently, "Baby Alive" is still a popular gift amongst the pre-k set - I remember getting one back in *COUGH* 1970 something *COUGH* - anyway...These girls did the only thing one can do when presented with two on Christmas Day - A WW Wrestling Smackdown - with their cousin as referee:
 Look how cute these kids did with a Christmas Day photo this year - this must be post opening:
Another rare and elusive image of Auntie, complete with handmade hairdo:
Time for some afternoon gifts:
 This is one crowded house, getting ready to sit down to dinner!
Da boys:
da olive on da finger tradition:
some chics, partying it up now that the hard part of the day is over:

Auntie's awesome butterscotch pies were, of course, awesome.  I heard some others made some other pies, but I don't recall:
Upon returning to my domicile, I watched as Killer Diller and DP opened their presents, from friends and neighbors of course.  I wouldn't think of spoiling them like that:
Yes folks, that is a personal cooling system for DP, supplied by a friend.  DP loves it.
 After the holidays, such unpleasant tasks as "serving eviction notices" must be completed:

and now I have to get on the first birthday blog of the year!!

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