Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Holiday Gobbled up...

Right before the Christmas commercials begin, and the Halloween Pumpkins have all rotted away...there is this small occasion known as "Thanksgiving". It falls on a Thursday.  So I hear.

For my family, I spare no expense in providing the finest materials for my assigned "stuffing" plate and "Auntie's Awesome ButterScotch Pies":

Please note the awesomeness of the added pumpkin flavored marshmallows.  That's right, pumpkin FLAVORED, not just Pumpkin shaped.  Like I said, I spare no expense.
Car loaded, I head over to my sister's house to find this crew patiently waiting for me:
 and when auntie arrives and turns on the camera...the fun begins:
The crafts are laid out to get the damn kids out of our hair to amuse the children:
They look amused, right?
 Others prefer to play dress up in their Aunties shoes (not mine! - too high for my back):
 While others prefer some friendly competition:

 Dinner was served promptly at whenever the hell we all managed to squeeze in at the table:
 After that, more fun in the sun with the kids and various implements:

 a friendly game of Dora Candyland is going on here:
 Camera Competitiveness:
 Time to help daddy make the whipped cream!
 Ah...the glory of the butterscotch pies can clearly be seen here:
 and as evidenced from this photo, they were ONCE AGAIN a big hit:

Others....not so lucky...
Finally, the day ends and the youngest is tricked into cleanup duty:
 and here we have the photo to wrap up the day:

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Anonymous said...

What? No shots of DP? Was DP excluded from the celebration? And pumpkin flavored marshmallows is just wrong