Saturday, October 20, 2012

The baby turns three...sniff.

Soon, all of these kids will demand I no longer blog about their birthdays.  So far there are three in this category.  I still have 8 more that I can chronicle, though. So I shall. we have the baby princess big girl, turning three years old.
This child is the youngest of four, so her language, bravado and devil may care attitude is naturally more advanced that your average three year old.

Likes: Anything Dora, anything about Princesses, putting her own clothes on, waking up mommy and daddy in the middle of the night to let them know that her 4 year old sister is asleep, and playing dress up.

Dislikes: food in general, blind obedience to anything other than her own will, having to go to bed and being told no.

She's so cute though, so she gets away with it...sometimes.
Here she is with her older, wiser, more jaded sister:
 Party games!!  Nothing like a hotly contested game of Dora Candyland to get the fun going:
 Baby Princess could wait no longer for her gifts:

 Some spontaneous showing of affection.  My camera was there:
 testing out the new prezzies:
 Brief interlude to randomly water the front bushes:
 Then it's time for some cupcakes!
 After the presents, lunch and cupcakes...the fun really began:

Here are the younger two of the four watching Cinderella (cough, yes I bought that, cough) and chillaxin with Daddy:
And a final parting shot of the party girl, who could not wait to change into the awesome jammies one of her aunties, I WON'T SAY WHO, gave her:

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