Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Season is over! All Hail the new year...

Christmas came and went with it's usual vengeance. A niece and nephew in the nativity play at Christmas Mass:

Then off to grandmother's house for some photos and grub. Lots of excited kids, exhausted parents, and trunks full of presents to be dropped off for the Christmas morning carnage. I managed to get the kids to watch for Santa on the NORAD site:
Some of the older ones were aware that the "live footage" of Santa crossing the Great Wall of China looked suspiciously similar to last year's live footage. Uh oh.

Here are some shots of the Christmas morning craziness:

Hmmm, cookbooks, MP3 players, cameras, cell phones and video games. Whatever happened to Mr Potato Head and Lite Brite?

Previously blogged about cranky baby from Christmas photo card shoot earlier this month was in much better spirits, so I got some great shots of her:

And then, after presents, dinner, playtime, drinks, and dessert, I think this last photo sums up the holiday feeling quite sufficiently:

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