Friday, December 5, 2008

Sick at home...and sick of it!

Earlier this fall, I submitted to the new and barbaric practice of allowing someone to jab me with a needle in order to be "protected" from the flu for the winter season. I had been working a Health Fair for my company, and was watching other colleagues submit to this treatment all day. The nurse appeared joyful as she jabbed the needle full on into the victim’s... I mean volunteer’s arm. Towards the end of the day, I decided to bite the bullet and get the flu shot myself. It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t cry.

So why am I home from work AGAIN, second time in a month, sick? Oh, it’s not the flu I have, grant you...but it’s a sore throat and nasty cold. Do cold germs become stronger in the absence of their main winter competitor, old man flu? Do they see the chance to invade my system, unchallenged, and go for it? I tried to brave it out at work, but the combination of the headache and throat pain, coupled with watching friends of mine getting laid off from their jobs 3 weeks before Christmas was too much.

I went home at 3pm and the cold germs began their full out assault. The constant throat tickle with sneezing and coughing drama made sleep impossible. Now here it is two days later, Friday evening, and I've watched way too many episodes of Judge Judy, Judge Alex, Judge Cristina, Judge Hatchett, Judge Joe Brown and some of those World's Dumbest video compilation shows.

I think I'll pop in some classic Christmas movies tonight to mix things up a bit. Some Cary Grant in "The Bishop's Wife" and Jimmy Stewart in "The Shop Around the Corner" ought to do it.

Back to Blogging once I'm done with the clogging..nose that is!

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Stacey said...

What, no Matlock marathon on TV this week? Law & Order's still on every channel, no? :)

I hope you feel better soon.