Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cat vs. The Fish

I am dining casually this evening, balancing a bowl of Weight Watchers soup and 2 point crackers on my lap while I watch my DVR'd movie, "As the Earth Turns". No, this is not some early caveman version of "As the World Turns". It's actually a really good 1934 film.

So I look up and notice THIS going on in front of me:
As you can see, I reached for the camera instead of some easily tossable object. Although I am sure the fish objected, I let my curiosity get the better of me. The fishbowl had only been on the coffee table a few days now, and this is the first sign the cat was even interested in it. So I sip my soup, camera balanced and ready, and watch. A mere 30 seconds later, this happens:
The cat is NOT leaning in for the kill. No, the cat only laps at the water generously, taking her time, and watching the fish as she drinks. But that's all. No vicious "claw fishing" attempts. No cat trying to overturn the bowl to disable it's catch. It's almost disappointing. I am sure the fish feels otherwise. This is a far cry from the cat I photographed last year: This is her outside, in some crazy ass mode, maybe just yawning, but a little more scary looking than above! Normally, she is quite the huntress, as the following photos will attest:
Well, sometimes she is "just not that into" the prey:

She even protects her property from other upstart cats that think they have some kind of "right" to hang around her house:
But not tonight! She is clearly willing to share with the fish. Maybe she just isn't Vegan?

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