Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artwork and Valentines...

Valentine's Day came and went, and as I posted earlier, the cupcakes were a hit with all the niece and nephews. That night, I made the "supreme sacrifice" and babysat 3 of them while my sister and hubby hit the town for a couple of hours. I believe they ended the romantic evening by stopping off at Safeway on the way home. Anyway...

I show up for the evening laden down with cupcakes, a Chaplin movie and high hopes that the 7 month old will not cry the entire evening from teething. The older two had made Valentine's cards for me, and their artistic renderings are too good not to share.

First up, my seven year old nephew...he obviously appreciates when I doodle Dr Suessian type fish for him, so he reciprocated with the following cover:
Yes, that is a "merman" diving in among the fishes. Complete with copious amounts of back hair. I love it! His fishes are very similar to the ones I can draw! The inside of the card is even better:

The poem is, of course, a classic! The spelling, not so much. He is obviously getting ready for his upcoming birthday with the blatant buttering up!

Next up, my ten year old niece...she is going in for a "modern art" edge to the card, with the off centered mushrooms and multicolored sky effect. Knowing how much I love wearing black, she has rendered me as a black fairy on the mushroom:
It's a great, colorful card and I hang it up at work (along with merman!) Of course, the inside of the card is just as great:
Like her brother, she is thinking ahead to birthday gifts and buttering me up. Her poem is awesome, a classic take on the theme! Her spelling, not so classic. I am hugging and thanking them profusely when I notice the back of the one card:
First off, these two KNOW I am terrified of bees, so the bee drawing is very funny, in a sick way...then I see the pencil etching next to it! What is this!?!

Here is a photo of the artists with their little sis...who gave me nothing but a dirty diaper and cried during "The Gold Rush"!
PS...the kids LOVED Chaplin...more about that another time.


The Swamp Fox said...

Um...what kind of movie were you watching???

Anonymous said...

The Gold Rush....what's wrong iwht that? Did i mispell something?? Oh, no, Now I have to go back and look.

mom said...

How come I didn't get any valentines? Just their favorite Aunt, not Grandma, who gave them candy!! lol

Anonymous said...

oh no, they have been outed! They will never hear the end of it now!

Justme...who can't understand why she can't comment under my own thread with my google identity!