Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers, Cupcakes, and Haircuts...aka Sunday

I prepare for Mother's Day with the usual culinary enthusiasm.

Naked Cupcakes:
They are then Dressed:

and finally, fully accessorized:

You'll note, not all the cupcakes are accessorized acceptably. Oh well, not all outfits can be winners.

Also a lovely Mother's Day cake to take to the family fun house...excuse me, I mean Mother's Day luncheon:
NOTE TO SELF: Return to Mollie Stones at earliest convenience, cash in hand, and purchase all the chocolate sunflowers left on the shelf. YUMMY!

After the assorted cards, gifts, munchies and drinks, it was time to herd the herd of children outside for some photos. The theme today, was, apparently..."watch me do this dangerous stunt, Auntie!"

Time for some nice, calm shots for the moms to enjoy. It was awful nice of the kids to sit still for 2 seconds to take the damn pics:

and then the craziness crept back in:
Then, to top off the day, some haircuts for the boys from their good sport Noni, who did this slave labor on Mother's Day!


Before, this guy was a hairy mess, couldn't run, see or play correctly:
Then the miracle of scissors and buzzer visited him:
And a leaner, more aerodynamic kid was revealed:
See? The results don't lie! Look how fast that kid goes now!
Next up, big brother, all hair and attitude:
Then, out come the shears, water and some praying:
At last! Buzzed and Brushed, the boy reveals a beauteous look for spring:

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