Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OK, now she is just showing off

Last week you were all entranced, horrified, impressed and amused by the cat's "catch of the day"... the 7 foot mole (see blog post below). Well...the other day, I open the door to see THIS:
A HUMMINGBIRD? Please, there is no doubt the cat read my blog and decided to one up herself and catch the fastest moving bird on the planet. Just because she can.
Also, after I posted the photo of the "largest mole known to mankind", several readers asked me to photograph my next "largest specimen" with something else in the frame...for perspective.

So, when I saw this disgustingly huge slug out in the yard, I threw one of my nieces down next to it and snapped away:
That slug was HUGE! Even the baby looks scared!
In other news...
When it's nice outside, I give Ingrate Bastard the air. Here he is outside with the cat...
Of course I check in on them from time to time:

and a last image for the day:


BrianR said...

You know in about a week there is going to be a person or a small child on your doorstep. The cat will not be denied!

H said...

I keep waiting to see another cat show up dead on the doorstep! No competition will be allowed!!