Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lizard-2 /Cat-0 ...although...

A few weeks ago, Killer Diller, the cat with no pity, captured and delivered to me an actual lizard. ALIVE. After dropping the apparently unscathed creature on the doormat, the cat sauntered casually about the house while I frantically collected the squirming thing and figured out what to do with it.
Of course, I began by photographing the specimen:

The cat came by, no doubt disgusted by my inability to finish off and eat the "gift":
more totally unnecessary photos:The cat once again attempted to show me what I was supposed to do:
I decided the best course of action would be to re-release the poor creature back to the wild. It seemed grateful enough and scampered off.
I am babysitting my sister's kids while she was off having her fourth.
My niece told me the cat was meowing rather loudly and insistently at the front door.
Yep, the same damn lizard, only this time, she had eaten half the tail, bitten it and scratched it up all to hell. Amidst the screeching of the kids, I gathered the sad, bleeding little thing and placed it in the "Killer Diller Victims Sanctuary":
I was convinced it would be dead by morning, and the kids and I would hold a proper burial for it. WRONG. The damn thing not only lived through the night (despite having to deal with 3 pairs of huge curious staring eyes peering down at it), it appeared to be quite chipper in the morning. I realized I had the following options:
A) Re-release the lizard in the backyard to face certain death once Killer Diller tracked it down.
B) Flush it down the toilet, no doubt stopping up the pipes, and spend the day cleaning up after plumbing issues.
C) Take it to a pet store.
D) Kill it myself.
The children were horrified at my callous attitude and insisted I take it to the pet store. Well, guess what? This lizard is indigenous to my area (an "alligator" lizard), which means the pet store cannot take it. They did, however, suggest I re-release it in a park on the other side of town where it would be safer (assuming, of course, that Killer Diller doesn't have a bus pass) and even gave me some crickets to feed it:
So, I picked up the kids from school that afternoon, headed over to this lovely rocky area in the park and prepared to give "Lucky" (as we had since named him) his second chance at life:
The ungrateful thing was totally taking it's time!
and finally:
I snapped away while "Lucky" headed for the hills, dragging his half eaten tail behind him:
The tween was barely interested in the lizard's good fortune. But turn the camera her way and:

So, the score WAS Lizard-2 / Cat-0... But this morning when I went out to feed the cat...there was a half eaten dead lizard on the doorstep! Now I am not saying Killer Diller managed to hitchhike or bus her way to the other side of town, but...

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