Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yet another infant makes its presence known

I had the distinct pleasure of watching my three nieces and nephew for a few days this week while their mom was off having a fourth. The night before the birth amounted to this:
Tired of waiting for "the call", we decided the most amusing way to pass the time would be to give some chocolate pudding to the 15 month old:

classic results:

followed by the inevitable bath:

When the call came the next morning, we dropped the cinnamon toast, rushed on the pants and jackets and headed to the hospital...loaded down with toys, snacks and one "suspicious of all this activity" 15 month old. Here she is with her daddy, secure in her knowledge that she is THE BABY:

Here she is after hearing us once again mention the NEW baby:
We had to stop her from opening the window and jumping more than once. So a few hours pass and we do the whole "wait for it" thing:
The moment nears:
Some proudly showed their indifference to the whole affair:
The tension mounts. My 10 year old niece got this pretty cool photo from looking out the waiting room window into the delivery room window:
The first cry of life is heard, and immediately the family consults the betting chart:
Dad comes out with the first official iPhone photo:
and then the family onslaught begins:
I took the kids out for a celebratory lunch while Mom and Dad rested, then we freshened up and returned for more baby time:

A cleaned up and properly wrapped infant:
Then it was home to Aunties for some "rest" and "relaxation":
Special time with Auntie while the older kids were in school:
some light napping:
...and a glimpse at a 10 year old's essay of the days events. I don't know if you can read it, but it basically talks about how the day went for her, and she eventually (OK, upon command) edited the last sentence out, which ended the essay with the classic line..."and my brother was more annoying than usual".

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