Monday, October 26, 2009

Tween Birthdays and the Aunties that attend them

It's a weekend, so there must be at least ONE birthday party going on. This time it's the tween, or as I like to call her...the future Mrs. Joe Jonas. We start the party off with a few random snapshots:
some enforced "quality time" for new siblings:
a cousin gets to see her newest cousin!
Grandma tending another babe in arms:
a first smile, at three weeks (looking at her daddy, of course)!
a gaggle of girl cousins, posing nicely:
and, of course, this one with the damn tongue:
The newly crowned tween could wait no longer...presents MUST be opened:
Cash is ALWAYS a winner!
Now, here is where things get fun. Once the kids get past the 10 year mark, all gift giving bets are off. I have been threatening to buy them underwear as their gift for years. She is officially past the "instant crying reaction" stage, so I set her up with the expectation that there was NO WAY IN HELL AUNTIE WOULD STOOP TO BUYING SOME DUMB ASS DISNEY SING IT PS3 GAME.

and then I bought some underwear...and wrapped the gift...and waited...

and her good humor and patience resulted in THE REVEAL:
Yes, Auntie had stooped to a new low and purchased the Disney Sing It PS3 game. I was so embarrassed buying it I felt like asking the clerk to wrap it in a brown paper bag.
On to cake! My sister's friend makes awesome cakes, and this one was no exception!
uh, that's a microphone. Stop staring at it.

A good cake was enjoyed by all:
well, almost all:
Then it was on to the trauma of having to watch the kids rev up the Disney Sing it Game:
it started out OK:Then all hell broke loose:

After the party wound down, and assorted guests had gathered up their bags o crap and headed was time to take some new portraits of the Tween:

This next photo makes her look like a dog though:
HAHAHAHAHAHA - OK, maybe not.
This next one is my favorite:
I noticed the baby had the whole hair standing up on back of head look going on...and accused her of copying the "Gosselin":
a couple more of the newest niece:
and as party favors, the kids got their Halloween gift bags from their Auntie:
WARNING: this last image may be disturbing to some viewers:


carmine said...

Hi Helen, you've got beautiful nieces. Love the pictures :D

JustMe said...

thanks Carmine!

The Swamp Fox said...

Cute dog! (And the kids, too, I guess.)