Monday, August 2, 2010

Hitting the big 5 years old - another one bites the cake!

Yet ANOTHER of the nephews had a birthday, and of course everyone showed up for this one - it's not every day someone turns FIVE! Here is the little man himself:
He knows how to count, how to fend off attacks from larger humans such as siblings and cousins, ride a bike, play video and Wii games, build Lego mosaics, eat his vegetables (please refer to Olive Garden video for that one), paint pottery 15 different shades of green, and can name all the Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, and Sonic and Mario Bros characters.
On a good day, after 8 hours of sleep, I can do some of that.
The party room was decorated with some sisterly artwork:
and a handmade Sonic cake from his Aunt Kathy:
Out back...the assembled cousins, siblings and friends were already making use of the trampoline and play set:
some paper masks were good for a laugh or two:

and everyone was awaiting the tri tip lunch!
except this one, who tried to make a getaway!
While awaiting lunch, there was some polite conversation:
and some random photography:
Finally, after food and drink were cleared, the annual pinata sacrifice could take place:
This year's victim was a rocket ship:
some of the children seemed rather intent on it's destruction:

Once the pinatas innards were laid bare, the feeding frenzy for candy began. SOME PEOPLE SEEMED A LITTLE OLD TO BE PARTAKING IN THE KILL - I WON'T SAY WHO:
Disclaimer: I think he was grabbing some for the least that was HIS story.
Enjoying the spoils of the kill:
The birthday boy was quite thrilled to get to the best part of the party:

The usual display of impatience:
Brief pause to show you the child's amazing eyelashes:
Here is a look that is hard to fake...adults try for years to bring back this type of reaction upon opening presents:
some cousin love:
and the kid hams it up for some photos:
A few more kid shots while cake was being set up:

and the cake appears!
and is rapidly set on fire!
and just as rapidly blown out! A parting shot of the newly crowned 5 year old!

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