Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summertime, and the Weeding is easy - PART TWO

Summer, boredom and a yearn to feel paper money burning in their palms brought four young nephews knocking on the door, just dying to do some garden work. After agreeing to give them the same chance the nieces had, I let them in. Of course, I was immediately accosted with the following:

"What mall will you take us to this afternoon?"
"Is $20 all we get? The girls said they got $30" (this line Auntie did not fall for)
"How long do we have to work?"
"When do we eat?"
"I'm allergic to a certain kind of weed, and I swell up. I think you should know that."

This being summer by the sea, the boys had to bundle up to go out and get to their slave labor duties:
It didn't take long for them to start showing off their hard work:
and then, about 20 minutes in....the pain set in:
the discovery of insects took precedence over the weeds:
and the totally awesome fox tail stalks could no longer be ignored:
a brief interlude in which the boys took advantage of the stalks to brush up on their sword play:
and then it was back to work for an additional grueling 30 minutes:

Having filled the bin a whole 1/8 of the way up, the boys were now starving:
so I treated them to the same lunch the girls got:
then forced them back outside to endure more hard labor:

This little guy was literally "working his pants off":
And finally, after dozens of weeds had been pulled, and the lawn showed lins proving it had been hard working nephews agreed to pose for a group shot:
the posing would have continued if Auntie hadn't finally turned off the camera!
After so much hard work, I was shocked they managed to have enough energy to drag themselves to the mall to spend their hard earned dough. They managed.

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