Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not that I am angry or anything...

I subscribe to several newspapers, for several (slightly) good reasons:

#1 - My love of the newspaper biz, which supplied me my first job.
#2 - Guilt laden purchases from sad eyed looking high school kids that haunt my neighborhood.
#3 - Fear based purchases from sad eyed looking high school kids that now know where I live and might come back with eggs if I refuse to purchase said newspapers.

I feel I am also doing my duty in keeping the newspaper business limping along for another year. I retain fond memories of my high school years spent working at the local paper...running copy (from a typewriter!), waxing layout pages, developing half tone negatives and running to the printers to pick up the stacks of ink dampened papers for delivery.

Which brings me to the point of my post tonight. Now I realize that delivery boys on bikes are a thing of the past. I accept that. I accept that newspaper deliveries are now made from fast moving vans early in the morning. What I cannot accept is the rampant abuse my poor front stoop flower planter has taken over the past year!

Evidence Photo number one:
Please note the huge section of the rim missing due to the random tossing of paper in the general direction of my house while the van speeds by under cover of darkness. This damage happened last summer. I merely turned the pot around and moved on, thinking it was a one time occurrence.

Several times since I've found the newspaper actually ON THE PLANT in the planter, damaging both the plants delicate leaves and my delicate (raging) nerves.

And then this occurred last week:
Evidence Photo #2
Now really! What has this plant and planter ever done to the newspaper delivery guy? He has got to be aiming for the poor thing at this point! This is getting personal now! Take a closer look:
Now, check THIS out:
Evidence Photo #3
Please not the VERY WIDE EXPANSE OF SPACE available for the newspaper delivery guy to aim for when speeding by in his van (under cover of darkness)!!

It's not that hard to aim AWAY FROM THE POOR PLANT! I must now go to the local Ace Hardware, choose another planter (one made from some kind of iron!) and re-plant my precious spoon petal daisies (bought with my $2.98 tax refund from 2 years ago - see blog archive for further info).

After airing this grievance publicly, I feel I can move on...maybe.

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