Friday, March 18, 2011

Farewell Suburbs, Hello Big City!

For years I avoided having to work "in the city". I managed to avoid such things as:

Nasty Traffic - and the obvious ensuing rage
Outrageous Parking costs - and the obvious ensuing rage
Public transportation -and the obvious ensuing rage and fear of germs
Walking in the shadows of big buildings - and having them fall on you in the next earthquake.

I enjoyed the peace and quiet of our suburbanite headquarters. It boasted things like:

A 10 minute commute from home - this I shall miss most of all
Free Parking - no, this I shall miss most of all
CVS and Grocery Store across the street - hmm...
Sunny walks along tree lined streets and parks...I'll miss this too

But alas, all good things must come to an end. My company decided to close our lovely suburb digs and move us all up to the BIG CITY last month. There can be no soothing salve over the open wound of our loss (of suburbanite status that is).

As moving day loomed, little hints of the change to come were dropped....hints like the dead silence coming from once chattering cubes:
Hints such as our supplies being all packed up tight:
Naturally I put our department mascot to work packing up the more important areas. Areas like my desk, for instance. SOMEONE, I WON"T SAY WHO, obviously discovered my secret DP stash:
Thankfully, despite a massive sugar high and his lack of opposable thumbs, Magic managed to get me packed up in time for the moving box pickup:
yes, the plant made it to the big city as well.

Magic waves a fond farewell to his lovely view of the airport:
Then it was time to take the long, sad and somewhat pathetic journey out of the building:
a final glance at our awesome view before the final elevator ride to the lobby:
Not everyone was able to fit into the moving boxes. I wonder what will become of him?
I was too distraught at this point to drive, so Magic had to get us out of the garage and safely home:
Look, even the sky was weeping for us:
But the following week - our new journey began! Commuting by shuttle to the BIG CITY. Magic couldn't wait to start working "uptown". Here he is awaiting the elevator to the shuttle:
SOMEONE, I WON'T SAY WHO...made a mad dash to be first in line for the shuttle:oh no, he's not eager at ALL:
and here are our new digs in the big city!
(not my cube, by the way - I didn't photograph it! DUH!).
Please note that SOMEONE, I WON'T SAY WHO, insisted on having the best office in the department:
Magic and I are now settling in to our new digs and enjoying the energy and vibe of the BIG CITY!

I do kinda feel a bit like this guy now though:

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