Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snow Trip!

March. Spring was SUPPOSED to be in the air. Instead we had rain and cold and misery. So to escape...DP, my friend and I decided to head Tahoe and fresh snow and casinos and other such miseries.

Little did we know that winter was kicking up a last minute fuss. To avoid the hoards of ski bums driving up on Friday...we drove up on Saturday and drove back on Monday instead of Sunday. Of course, to ensure our safety I had Blackjack outfitted with tire chains, and the trunk outfitted with beef jerky, candy, crackers, M&M's and other such things to avoid having to resort to cannibalism.

DP didn't seem too enthusiastic about the trip:
We stopped off first in Grass Valley, to visit friends and do some light snowshoeing. Alas, we ran into a bit of the last of the snowstorm and ended up sitting on Interstate 80 for an hour and 10 minutes. Despite boredom, cabin fever and someones (not mine) desperate need to pee - we did not have to resort to cannibalism. Instead we amused ourselves with photography and as soon as the next exit appeared on the horizon - we took it!Lots of snow fell!

not everyone was enthused by the winter weather:
The next day, we headed from Grass Valley to Tahoe - the drive was beautiful with all that fresh snow! We stopped many times to take in the view and torture DP with more photos. Here's BlackJack awaiting our return to the car:

Taken while NOT driving:

My friend's traveling companion Gort was about as enthused by the snow as DP was:
more snow type photos:

despite the road looking like this...
we made it to Tahoe! Of course, there was the added drama of driving on 89 for 2 hours only to be turned around FOUR MILES FROM OUR DESTINATION (emerald bay pass closed!!) and made to go back down 89, back to 80, back to 267 and then ALL THE WAY AROUND THE LAKE to get to South Lake Tahoe. Added about 1 hour 30 minutes to the trip, but at least it looked like this:Here is what we drove through, from the safety of the other side of the lake:

Oh yes, I almost forgot...we were staying at a Casino for the night and we lost track of DP at one point, only to return to the room and find THIS:
Sad. Some people just don't know when to hold them. Or when to fold them. Or when to walk away...or when to run!

Anyway...the next day was glorious, with clear weather and lots of opportunity for photos and snow exploring:
of course, the tourist in me came out:
Someone, I WON'T SAY WHO, was busy mourning the events of the previous evening:
We had to drag his ass over to the bench for his tourist shot:
At this point, DP was ready to head home:
We did manage to get in some exploring with a nice walk in the woods alongside Highway 50 on the way home:
INSERT GRATUITOUS RANT: I have to ask, what is with the asshat SUV drivers on Highway 50? This is not exactly a safe road in the snow and there appeared to be some sort of "first one off the mountain wins!" mentality going on with these drivers. I must have pulled over at least 5 times to avoid being run down. Were they all in that much of a hurry to return to there sadsack lives in the big city??

But I digress...a last stop on the way home to take some shots of an old highway sign I kept meaning to photograph for years:
By the way, there is no restaurant.
There were only cows giving us that "oh look, Bessie...check out the dumbass tourists taking photos of that stupid sign again" look.

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