Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Done Egged me On!

Ahhh Spring - the smell of budding flowers, freshly mowed grass, the open sea...and of course the stench of 6 dozen eggs being boiled in my tiny house.

Not everyone was enthused to be invited to the annual "hot tub" party:
Yes, it was time to mix liberal amounts of vinegar with dye tablets and hope for the best. Not all tablets complied:
The "pond scum pink" above did not work well, but most other colors did. DP was being somewhat snotty about the lack of "proper dye colors":
But overall, the eggs turned out quite nice this year:
my crafty ass friend made these awesome peeps for da kids:
Please note the difference here... a Peep someone wants to receive:
and a Peep NO ONE wants to receive:
Of course I made my famous deviled eggs for the Easter Feast (multiply plate below by FOUR):
and delivered the baskets that the Easter bunny left at Grandma's house for da kids:
The Peeps were a big hit with da kids:
Here's da girls, hanging with the baskets and each other:
While others were busy pondering the camouflage eggs:
The baskets were HIGHLY APPRECIATED:
Photo Ops were hard to come by, due to the many distractions the kids were up against:

some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were not enthused to be photographed among the rabble:

The egg hunt was held off till after lunch to allow the backyard to dry out from the morning fog. Once it was on, IT. WAS. ON:

Some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were perplexed by the whole egg in hand thing:

Some favorite shots of the day:

and a final glance at someone, I WON'T SAY WHO, who was not enthused by the whole holiday thang:

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