Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tweens are springing up this Spring!

Another niece has joined the ranks of all other tweens out in the world! This tween's current loves include:

* Horses - any kind, any time, anywhere
* Country Music
* Her aunt - uh, that would be me
* Purple - lots of it
* Animals of all sorts, including animatronic varieties.

The party celebrating 11 years of her greatness commenced on a sunny Saturday in early May:
Here she is in all her glory!
The party theme was Wild West (at least that's how the kids were behaving) - Cowboy and Cowgirl hats were the accessory of the day:
The "Star"
The "Sheriff":
The "Stinker"
The "Pink lady"
even Grammy got in on the western wear! Go Grammy!
Soon enough however, the cowgirl shifted her focus from cowgirl hats, rounding up wild cousins and rustling candy to the ever important "grubbing for gifts":
...and she did very well! Apparently this cowgirl lives on a modern range - a range that requires some sort of "Nook" or "laptop" or "iPod":
Then this "horse lover" moved on to a horrifying display of what happens when horses are made of candy:

This was all that was left of the poor victim...sick!!!
After the kids recovered from beating a candy horse to death, it was time to settle down for some sugary goodness:

some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were a little demanding where dessert was concerned:
While in the background, others were having a hair raising good time in the trampoline:
Here are some last portraits I took of the birthday girl:

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