Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disneyland! (aka hell on earth) - The adventure ENDS

The final day in Disneyland boasted:

More rides!
More junk food!
More unnecessary purchases of anything Disney!
More heat, crowds and lines!

After the Princesses had booted us out of Ariel's Grotto, we were forced to once again to deal with the outside park and all it had to offer. Here's a cute shot of all three sisters watching the suckers on California Screaming, a roller coaster that made my nephew nearly re-digest his breakfast. Twice.
While making our way out of Hell - excuse me, I mean California Adventure and back into Hell - excuse me, I mean Disneyland, we took advantage of the many photo stops along the way.

Here is the "Action Figure Collection" of the family. Yeah, they might want to reconsider the plastic film in the front of the taking without glare was nearly impossible!
My niece handled the chore quite well though! Here is "Action Auntie" complete with "Action Flying Infant" (sold separately):
The boy wandered off at one point and was quickly overtaken by some Cars Car - Mater? Not sure, but the photo turned out well:
The big ass Ferris Wheel ride diverted us from our path to Disneyland for a bit, though some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, seemed a little more interested in other rides:

Caged babies:
Caged tweens:

The tween finally decided to relent to our teasing and try to ride the Tower of Terror...she was a little (very) nervous, but I eventually regained the feeling of my arm after we got off the ride: we have THE PHOTO - the one photo everyone must take in front of some flower sculpted mickey head. Some nice person took a group shot for us and did NOT run off with my camera, much to my relief:
Once in the Disneyland side of the park, night was falling, and so were the energy levels. Fortunately for some, hitchhiking was an option:
Now there were several options open to us to enjoy our final evening at the park. What to do first though??? Should we:

* Sit and wait for the fireworks show again, and watch as people who don't sit and wait try to force their way under the ropes to stand right in front of your kids?
* Stand in the 115 minute line for Star Tours to enjoy the 2 minute ride?
* Have some ice cream sundaes for dinner?
* Continue buying crap from Main Street stores until the card is declined?
* Head for It's a Small World again?

A quick vote and the results speak for themselves:
A little more humiliation of the tweens was then in order:
The younger ones were slightly confused, completely wary and, by the time we got to the front of the line...totally terrified of Geppetto:
After hours of delicious fun spent running from ride to ride to make sure we hit everything, the BUYING OF THE OFFICIAL HATS took place. Now, at this point, it's like 10pm, the kids are exhausted and we don't even have the energy to remove the plugs before the photo - DON'T JUDGE!
and then the silliness took over - let's just blame the ice cream for dinner and move on...

Here it is folks, the final photo on my photo card. Couple of things to note in this photo:

* They are so tired that no one cares who is sitting next to who.
* They are so tired that they didn't even argue when Auntie requested "one more photo"
* They actually look pretty damn good for 11:00 at night on Day 3!
So the deed is done! Disneyland for three days with two FULL days of driving to get there and back.

Special thanks goes out to:

Nick - who hosted an awesome BBQ for the tired troupe that first night when we showed up in LA with 4 kids, 3 adults, 2 dirty diapers (uh, for the babies!!). Then he was brave enough to show up at Disneyland on Thursday for more!

My sister and her hubby for inviting me along to share in this treasure of a trip - got to see the toddlers faces light up for the castle, the princesses, and the carousal and got to watch the older kids enjoy the scary rides, the food and the shopping!

My debit card - for not failing me once. And really, after watching me purchase two Tinkerbell stuffed animals for $35, I would not have blamed the card for shutting off on me in shame.

Tom Tom - for providing directions to LA in a Hungarian Grandmother voice that endlessly amused the kids I was driving with.

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