Sunday, July 3, 2011

Disneyland! (aka hell on earth) - The Princess Invasion

Well, we made it to day three with the following intact:

* Children (all accounted for)
* Dr Pepper retrieved from hotel jacuzzi (don't ask)
* Diaper bag, camera bag, snack bag, toy purchases bags and bottles (baby, not Jack Daniels)
* Jackets (never used but brought along every day!)
* Stroller (parked, retrieved, collapsed, set up again - good lord!)

Our third day was to be special, with an invitation only luncheon with the Princesses. Yes, you read that right...THE Princesses. The invitation came via reservation only and credit card check, but it came, just the same. Everyone was very excited to meet them!
However, duty first! Another round of "It's a Small World" was calling:
Some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, insisted on grabbing the front seat for every ride:
After some pretty skilled face painting for our very own princess:
We headed over to Ariel's Grotto, where THE PRINCESS ARIEL HERSELF greeted her royal subjects:
The older kids were really being cool about the whole princess thing. It helps to have a nice lunch and some shade made available too, though. Here is our very own Prince, hamming it up for the camera while we awaited the BIG ARRIVAL:
It didn't take long! Snow White came flitting by first, all talking smack about the dwarfs and cursing her stepmother....
The youngest princess chose to spend her time with Snow White grilling her on movie facts:
OHHHHH, then this princess floated by...I was a little unsure of her royal decree, but was told it was Aurora. She seemed a little Sleepy. HAHAHAHAHA- Sleepy?? HAHAHA - get it??? anyone? anyone?

The youngest was quite thrilled to be seeing all this royalty bestowed on her as she munched on her mac and cheese:
She's contemplating the princesses as they moved about her:
Belle popped on by later, and by this time the middle princess had her routine down:

but truly, it was the youngest princess that stole the show - she was all over these princesses!
Then this one showed up - Cinderella herself! In person!
a little bragging going on here:
and of course, the youngest was all ready for her moment in the spotlight.
Please look away from this next photo if you cannot tolerate high doses of sugary sweetness:
After the princesses left (they mysteriously disappeared into a door off to the left - no doubt the smoke room), it was time for some dessert to top off the fantastic meal! I have to say, it was like $32 an adult, but the meal was great, you could get alcoholic drinks with your lunch, and it was a very relaxed atmosphere for meeting the princesses.
a carefully crafted white chocolate conch shell was NO MATCH for a three year old!
That's it for tonight - Next we shall explore the last night at Disneyland - complete with Mickey hat purchases, ice cream for dinner, and lots of last minute rides!

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