Friday, July 1, 2011

Disneyland! (aka hell on earth) - the journey continues

Well, we survived our first day at Disneyland. No kids lost, no parents ran away, DP held his liquid and Auntie survived as well.

Brimming with confidence we headed out towards California Adventure. Please note, the family is still looking somewhat happy and relaxed. Don't be fooled. It was early.
Some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were a little over confident of their energy level:
Perhaps THIS contributed to her enthusiasm:
So we hung around this "Great America meets Santa Cruz Boardwalk meets Hell" park and I somehow always managed to miss most of the parade action:
So we headed to the rides - kiddie rides like Monsters Inc, the ride. Thank god I had seen the movie or I might have been seriously confused by the "intense" plot of the ride!
Auntie spent plenty of time torturing the kids with photo ops:
Mid afternoon and the family was all still standing. Well...almost everyone:
My niece took this great shot of a duckling. I must have been pottying one of the girls. Or on a coaster with the boy. Or buying something for the kids. Or "lost".
After a quick lunch ($75 bucks quick!), we headed back over the Disneyland, where we were absolutely convinced the lines would be shorter, the weather cooler and the crowds thinner.

Family is still standing, but you'll note the sagging posture, the leaning, the carrying of the toddlers...could be because we were waiting for the damn sign to change from photos of random people "enjoying" themselves in the park to the actual Disneyland word!
We managed to grab some time for a Disney classic - the Jungle Ride! I'd like to report the good news that the Jungle Cruise guides are still all approximately 19 years old, world weary, sarcastic and highly amusing to listen to. Example: "Oh, here comes that hippo - watch out for him! Didn't see that coming, did you? Well I do. Every seven minutes." Classic!
I took a moment to get a quick portrait of the family:
HAHAHAHAHAHA! (anyone? anyone?)

The ride is a classic that thrills everyone, except maybe the animals:
Then, while the parents and boy headed off to some roller-coaster, the girls and I hung in Fantasy Land and yes, we rode Small World Again!!

I think I'll do a separate video blog to showcase all the clips of Disneyland that I took. Got some great Small World footage!

Afternoon breaks are a MUST - so, we headed back to the hotel for some downtime:

We did actually watch the Fireworks show that night, but no photos to share. Too crowded to try. Tune in next for day three of Disneyland in all it's glory!

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