Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Birthday Boys of Summer

Ah, the dog days of summer:
It was a busy summer this year, with lots of gifts to purchase and parties to attend - two nephews celebrated birthdays within the last month, and it's time to blog about their big days before they celebrate the next ones!

Here's the July Birthday Boy - a bundle of 7 years worth of energy:
Here's the August Birthday Boy - a rough and tumble example of an 11 year old:
This kid insisted upon a handmade Angry Birds styled cake that his mother decorated:
While this kid chose tuxedo styled cupcakes to match his more "mature" outlook on life:
Both parties, though held miles apart in temperatures ranging from the 80's to the 50's, boasted plenty of cousins running around and the usual ensuing shenanigans:

 Ah, here is an example of the difference between taking photos of the boys:
vs taking photos of the girls:
 and of course groups shots are a barrel of fun:

Now, both nephews had presents galore, but of a slightly different caliber.  Here you see the 7 year old with his gifts...
 ...and his joy upon opening a huge jar of awesome marbles:
 while here you have the 11 year old next to his pile...
 ...and you can clearly see that the 11 year old has reached the stage where clothing...
 ...and cash are the preferred elements to open!
 Both parties had plenty of grub for the attendees, as indicated by the leftovers on this toddlers face:
 Although seating accommodations appeared to be at a premium cost, once again:
 and some people, I WON'T SAY WHO, were a bit piggish:
 Both parties allowed the opportunity for some great shots of the kids:

As well as a cool photo of this mommy and party boy sharing some "design on a dime" time:
Of course, a good time was had by all at both parties, despite the chaos and confusion.  This kid knows how to take it all in stride:
Now it's "back to school" time!

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