Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Wedding Celebration - Seattle Style!

Recently, DP and I were invited to celebrate the wedding of my friends (well, ok, just me, but the whining got to me so I took DP along) and since they live in Seattle...we joined 3 friends at SFO and headed up north:
 The magic of air travel when there is no disruptive fog...a mere 1:45 min later - wa la!
Upon landing, I  had what can only be described as a religious experience eating a sandwich containing the gift known as "mole salami" (think mole sauce, not varmint) at this trendy spot in downtown Seattle:
That night, the 4 of us took a tour of the "Seattle Underworld", where we learned that at one point, Seattle had another level of buildings entirely.  They just built on top of them:
 DP was too busy hanging at the hotel hot tub to join us:
The underground buildings we toured are housed in the "red light" district:
 I got some pretty good shots of the underground ruins:
Where bars, gambling houses, whores, booze, diseases and thieves once partied hard (wait, I thought that was SF?) anywho...
This is a bridge we must have crossed at least 6 times during the weekend.
You could see the famous Mt Rainier from this bridge:
 But we had bigger and better things to do than stare at a mountain all day!
Yes, DP insisted on being the first to get in the elevator up to the top of the Space Needle. Here's the rest of us.  Not a bad photo by DP, I must say:
 DP seemed a little nervous about the ledge height, but I got the shot:
Here's me, trying to look all "not a tourist" - FAIL.
 SOME PEOPLE, I WON'T SAY WHO, got a little carried away in the gift shop:
Here's a shot I am sure NO ONE HAS EVER TAKEN BEFORE of the Space Needle:
 I expected the Needle (is that was the locals call it?) to be a lot bigger. The architecture of the SP NEED (maybe this is what locals call it?) was impressive, though.  I'm spoiled by my SF skyline. But I digress.  We also made our way to the Public Market/Pikes Market/Embarcadero Ferry Building/Fish Market:
It was some kind of underground flea market filled with people!  We couldn't move and we couldn't really take any photos.  Couldn't be our Saturday afternoon timing, could it?
Drunk, free-range bees all flying around us while under the influence of large amounts of honey!  Sick and Wrong!!  Who let those insects in there??  No decorum at all.  AND they expected us to taste honey from those jars.  I moved on out of there!!

After that we made our way to the famous "throwing the fish around" place.  I carefully maneuvered to get a good position, waited....waited...then just as the guy threw the fish, THIS HAPPENED:

We left after that, passing some kind of Coffee Mecca where followers were lined up and staring in awe at a...well...Starbucks.  We ate at Kells, an Irish pub highly recommended by one in our traveling party (no, not DP):
 MMMM, great pub food and apparently this place is haunted and has been visited by some "Ghost Adventures" show.  We didn't see any ghosts, other than the ghostly remains of our lunch!
Then the time came to honor the reason we flew up here...the wedding party for Matt and Danny.  Good Friends, Good Grub and Good Times! Here we are, hanging in the sunshine of Seattle!
 Congrats to Matt and Danny!

Our last morning in Seattle was spent at Ivar's Salmon House for a hosted brunch. Everything looked and tasted great.  I ate too much.  So did DP.  

We tried to get a last photo of the Seattle Skyline and all, but of course:
And this marks the END of the trip:

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